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Looking forward to RIT++ 2014

RIT++ is our leading conference, a professional event "for developers by developers", that covers a broad spectrum of web-developing industry: from system administration to project management and details of working with programming languages on web apps. It’s an event, where annually hundreds of programmers, system architects, technical directors and managers, heads of IT subdivisions, system administrators – those who create the known to us Internet – gather from all around the world to share their experience and fresh ideas with their colleagues, find out about development of trends in technologies and programming languages, gain knowledge, find new employees, employers or even business partners.

This year we hold Russian Internet Technologies for the seventh time. We have much to discuss – new programming languages, new databases and new technologies. Even technologies of the future have surprisingly changed :)
Our conference is a highly professional event prepared by professionals for their no less skilled peers. This means that we have strong intention to go ahead and do not repeat things that have become obvious. We do our best to delve deeper and deeper into the hottest topics.

This time we are going to touch on new principles of data storage in different DBMS, new kinds of databases, new processors, new frameworks, frameworks of frameworks, frameworks for HTML and CSS, automation of production, approaches to PHP acceleration, terabytes, mobile apps, second screen applications and mobile viruses. RIT++ topics can give you an idea of what web development will look like tomorrow :-)

Welcome to RIT++! In 2014 RIT++ conference will take place in two biggest Russian cities - Moscow (April, 14-15) and Saint Petersburg (April, 24-25).

This time we will again have talks in three conference halls, more than one thousand participants in both Russian capitals, one hundred of the best RUNET speakers. All the leading IT companies from Russia and the whole world are going to have their representatives at RIT++. Our speakers will demonstrate all key web technologies to our attendees from practical point of view. RIT++ is a practice-oriented conference, aimed at maximum benefit for each of its participants.

If you want to visit RIT++ as an attendee, you are supposed to buy a ticket (please contact us directly for the price depends on the time that is left before the conference and varies from 13 000 roubles to 21 000 roubles). We have one and the same price for Moscow and St. Peterburg. The price includes food, handouts and the pass to the conference for two days of the event. We also grant FREE PASSES to our speakers and a limited number of persons representing our sponsors.

We look forward to seeing you at one of the biggest Russian conferences on web development!

Information for Speakers

To become a speaker, you need to offer a talk to RIT++ Program Committee. It may be accepted or declined.

To form RIT++ Program Committee, we used a wide range of different criteria including opinions of IT community leaders, current position and company of a Program Committee member and of course the quality of projects which the person is involved in. People working for, Nginx, Inc., Mail.Ru and many other world companies act as members of our Program Committee from year to year.

The Program Committee of our conference recommends offering topics closely related to development of web projects. Please remember that we mostly interested in this field.

What exactly we need from you as our speaker? You are supposed to provide the name of your talk, short abstracts of it, specify target audience for it, send us your photo and write some words about you and your company.

For more information on RIT++ please download our Call for Papers.

Feel free to send any questions to See you at RIT++!

About Us

Oleg Bunin Lab LTD renders services related to development of high-load systems and projects. The company also provides consulting in this field on demand. We strive to hire the best specialists in development and IT management and interact with world leaders of opinions within the IT industry in Russia, CIS and the whole world.

Oleg Bunin, an outstanding Russian IT specialist, founded Oleg Bunin Lab LTD (former Ontico LLC) in 2008. The company’s employees were involved in many successful projects with, and many other large Russian websites among them. In late 2000s, Oleg Bunin and his team acted as high-load development consultants of a newly launched and growing social media Vkontakte, which is now the largest and most popular SM in Russia.

This experience and Oleg’s professional contacts became the basis for holding of professional IT conferences. Below you can find their brief descriptions.

  • - HighLoad++ is a conference on development of high-load projects and systems.
  • - RIT++ (Russian Internet Technologies) is a web development conference.
  • - Whale Rider conference dedicated to problems of IT management (Agile, team building, company growth, workflow changes and other related topics).

Information for Sponsors

To become a sponsor, you need first to become familiar with our Sponsorship Package. It contains all the necessary information on sponsorship.

Microsoft, Google, Percona, Badoo, Nutanix, Mail.Ru Group and many other companies have already acted as sponsors of our IT conferences. You can join them at RIT++ - that’s very easy!

Use RIT++ to get your new target audiences and find more professional contacts!

Contact Information

Feel free to contact us on any questions related to our conferences.
Program Committee: Oleg Bunin (
Organizing Committee:,
Accounting and billing issues:
125362, office 15, building 2, 2 Vodnikov lane, Moscow, Russian Federation